Best DIY Birthday Gifts for Husbands

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You are looking at gifts to get your husband for his birthday and realize that everything looks the same or it is all that he already has. How do you come up with unique birthday gift for husband? Do it Yourself!
If you make something for him, it will be unique, and you can customize it any way you want. It can be as grand as you want or as simple as you wish. But it will be unique. So here are some DIY unique birthday gifts for husband that you should consider:

1. Laptop Sleeve:
Men are always cautious with their electronics and love things that would protect them. So why not make a laptop sleeve? You can make one out of cloth or leather and customize it as per your wish. You can even make one with his name on it to make it unique.

2. Scrapbook:
Do you like keeping memorabilia? Then you most certainly have everything from the ticket stub of the first movie you saw together to your wedding invitation. Why not put all of these into a scrapbook and create a timeline of your love story? You can show him how much he has impacted your life with this.

3. DIY Bath Kit:
Who said men don’t like beauty products? Have you seen the amount of product that is required to maintain a beard? Why not make these products yourself? You can easily find how to do it online and even get the necessary materials over the internet. Not only will these be super useful, but they are also an excellent alternative to putting chemicals on his face. With a little research, you can find the recipe for products that do wonders and husband will love them. You can make everything from soaps to shampoos to moisturizers and even use his favorite perfume as the scent.

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4. Travel Map:
If you and your husband love to travel, then this can be an ideal gift for him. Make a map of the world and put a pin in every place you have visited till now with your favorite photo from the trip also pinned there. It accomplishes two goals. On the one hand, it is a gift for your husband, and on the other hand, it also helps you plan for the next trip. This map will become the source of envy for your friends as well who want to travel like you.

5. DIY Mini Bar:
Does your husband love to have a drink at the end of a long day at work to unwind and relax? Then this will come in handy. You can convert an old box into a minibar that holds the liquor and the glasses as well. He will not have to search around to find these items, and it is also a neat way to organize the liquor. And moreover, he would love the fact that you spend time learning how to build the minibar and how to use the tools.

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